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45 Degree Angle Heat Gun Nozzle For Microscope


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45 Degree Angle Heat Gun Nozzle For Microscope

A full set of blades including three sleeves (excluding wind nozzles) and three pieces of A8 CPU flying wire blades.

Microscope special air gun nozzle, applicable to 861dw, 856, 731. Air guns, directly set in the original wind mouth machine can be. The 45 degree angle wind nozzle sleeve is sheathed on the original air mouth, suitable for the operation under the microscope, the angle is appropriate, easy operation.

1#, 2#, 3# for phone 6/6P CPU blade, hot chip break caused by the failure to restart the 3 boot, placed in the bottom left corner of the CPU air gun, temperature of 450 degrees (crack 861DW) heating 5-10 seconds after the melting point of tin can be inserted. After the insert is completed, the multimeter is used to measure whether the blade has the resistance value. After the resistance value is added, the tin can be squeezed by the 0.1 line folding 90 degrees.


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