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4PCS/Set Knife Tools for Rework Chip


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4PCS/Set Knife Tools for Rework Chip

  1. The blade machining thickness is thinner than the tin point, so it can be easily done between the chip and the bottom of the plate, and it is not easy to drop the point.

  2. Use it to remove the edge glue before dismantling the chip, because it is better than the blade and tweezers to make N times

  3. The difference between the warping glue and the blade or tweezers is that the blade tweezers can't be placed under the chip

  4. Easy dismantling of small and micro parts of various mobile phone main boards

Usage method

  1. When the chip is removed, the edge glue and the black glue temperature around the chip are 200

  2. The hot air gun is 150 degrees, and the wind speed is 60 to the main board for 2 minutes.

  3. The hot air gun is replaced with a small head, and the temperature starts at 350 degrees, first blowing the position of the knife for 10 seconds and then swaying to the bottom of the chip.

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