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Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide


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Kapton Tape High Temperature Heat Resistant Polyimide

Polyimide tape is utilized in electronic components for space exploration as well as Apple products.such as make motor into insulation status,
solder circuit board in shelter,binding transformer coil,fix motor coil or let others surface insulation,etc.

It is a low-outgassing material with high temperature resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, and low radiation interference. Indispensable as masking in wave soldering and powder coating, Polyimide's properties make it ideal for electric insulation in X-Ray devices and radioactive environments too. Kapton is the perfect super tape for any space age atomic sci-fi mad scientist application.

  • Backing:Kapton
  • Coefficient of the tape:silicone
  • Color:amber
  • Thickness:0.06mm
  • Meter-long:33m
  • Ensilestrength:>=140N/25mm
  • Longation:>=40%
  • Breakdown Strength:>=150
  • Withstand Voltage:5KV
  • Temperature Resistance: 260°C about half an hour

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