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Mechanic 5111 Back Glass Cover Glue Remover


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Mechanic 5111 Back Glass Cover Glue Remover

The item is easy to clear the glue of back glass cover, includes iPhone 8, 8P, X, Huawei, Oppo, 360, Samsung in so on.


  • 20ml
  • Fast softening
  • Environmental protection
  • Weakly acidic

How to use:

damage after IPhone8/8 p/X glass back cover with crack heat gun to adjust the appropriate heating to the hot temperature, the solvent with the needle drops into the cracks, every 5 to 6 seconds, with the shovel shovel off pieces can, recycling and cleaned up.


Extremely Flammable: When using keep ventilation well and put off fire.Store this in dry and cool place below 50℃.Keep away from children.

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