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OEM Camera Glass Lens with Adhesive for iPhone XR



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OEM Camera Glass Lens with Adhesive for iPhone XR

This is a camera lens replacement for iPhone XR, When you have a damaged or scratched one, you need replace the item to make camera lens look new. It comes with adhesive and repair tool knife.

  • Condition: Brand New

  • Material: Sapphire Glass

  • Manufacturer: OEM

  • Compatible Model: iPhone XR

How to Replace:

  1. First, heat the old lens via hair drier (about 5s-10s) to melt the glue

  2. Next, pry out the old lens with our repair tool knife

  3. Then, clean the residual glue

  4. Finally, make the new camera lens stick on your phone camera.

What is OEM ?

The item with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) means that the part is same as the one of your original device with same material and specification. It is from original manufacture.

Package includes:

  1. 1 x Camera Glass Lens for iPhone XR

  2. 1 x Adhesive Sticker for Camera Lens

  3. 1 x Repair Tool Knife

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