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UV Glue Loca Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive


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UV Glue Loca Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive

The UV Glue is used for bonding phone glass and screen. When replace the outer glass, you would need this uv glue. and it need work with uv light.

  • High quality UV glue on the market Use
  • Type: TP-2500F/TP-1000N
  • Net:5ml/50ml
  • Temp: 10-30c, RHlt;70%
  • Exp date: Random Pack
  • Condition: Brand New Compatible All Cell Phone Screens

How to use:

  1. Clear up the other area of screen
  2. Adhesive the front glass
  3. Make sure complete screen expose to the UV light after spread the UV glue and wait 3-5 min till process finish

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